NY Soul All-Stars Encourage Us To ‘Be A Humanitarian’

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It’s been months since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January, leaving much of the capital city of Port-au-Prince in ruins. Although the 24/7 news coverage of the catastrophe has all but stopped to a trickle, the island nation is still in dire need of help recovering and rebuilding. Deeply affected by what happened in his homeland, Haitian singer/songwriter Ricky Derose teamed up with his friend Steve Wallace to create a “We Are the World”-like project bringing together a who’s who of the New York City independent and underground soul music scene, including SoulBounce faves Eric Roberson, Angela Johnson, Chester Gregory and Darien. The result is the heartfelt composition “Be A Humanitarian,” which quite honestly puts that “We Are the World 25″ remake to shame. The aforementioned artists were joined by over a dozen featured vocalists and a choir of more than 25 others. The music video below captures the recording of the song, which has been released through a partnership with Purpose Records, Edclectic Entertainment and Neo Renaissance Music and can be purchased right now on iTunes. In addition to providing aid to Haiti, money will also be dispersed to other disaster zones, for HIV/AIDS research and to underprivileged children. The following organizations will receive 100% of the proceeds from this song: Baptist Haitian Mission; Habitat For Humanity Dekalb County, GA; Watchful Eye; Brooklyn Teen Challenge and Dr. Bob Lee’s Make The Grade Foundation. Kudos to everyone involved in this brilliant project.

NY Soul All-Stars “Be A Humanitarian” [iTunes]

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Be A Humanitarian

“Be A Humanitarian” Official Release Today!
Click here to support—>  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/be-a-humanitarian-single/id379301265
Hey Everyone.   Many of you may know that over the past months, I have been working on a very important project. It is a song entitled “Be A Humanitarian” written by Ricky Derose, composed and produced by yours truly. Initially this song was created to raise funds for the people suffering still in Haiti. It has since grown to become a call to all for a new movement in humanitarianism worldwide.
Today is the official release date for the single “Be A Humanitarian” through Purpose Records, one of NYC’s top Indie Labels, featuring many of the biggest names in Indie Soul, Jazz and World Music based in the New York area such as Abby Dobson, Darien, Shae Fiol, Angela Johnson, Eric Roberson, Mahasin, Kelli Sae, Ricky Derose, Viviane Rangon, Honey Larochelle, Marlon Saunders, Maritri, Shelly Nicole (of Blackbushe), Chandlar, Gordon Chambers, Monet, Maya Azucena, Chester Gregory and of course myself. All of these wonderfully gifted people dedicated their time and talent in order to give back to the people in Haiti and others throughout the world.   Please join us in this quest! You can help make a difference.

Go to ITunes and purchase “Be A Humanitarian” for 99 cents.   100% of each purchase goes to the following Charities:

Baptist Haitian Mission
Habitat For Humanity Dekalb County, GA
Watchful Eye
Brooklyn Teen Challenge
Dr Bob Lee’s Make The Grade Foundation

Please lend a helping hand wherever you are, and please let others know to do the same.
Click here to buy—>  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/be-a-humanitarian-single/id379301265 Watch “Be A Humanitarian” Video on Youtube.com

Click here to see video—>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhJ01-ug99I
May God Bless you,
-Steve Wallace

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