First Cut for 53rd Grammys

Be A Humanitarian by NY Soul All Stars Makes First Cut for 53rd Grammys

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the single “Be A Humanitarian” by The New York Soul All Stars has made the first cut in the nomination process for the Grammy Award for Best R&B Recording by Group or Duo.  While we are ecstatic about the fact we are in contention for this prestigious award we also remain singularly focused on the reason why this recording exists in the first place.< In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti songwriter/artist/ producer Steve Wallace and Haitian born songwriter/artist Rickey Debose decided to record a song that would bring attention as well as support to the needs of the Haitian people.  In further talks with yours truly Kevin Harewood (Manager of Steve Wallace) we uncovered a few vitally important facts. They are: 1) Many charitable organizations in the Black communities are drastically underfunded. 2) Many people feel that they cannot be a part of humanitarian efforts if they are not wealthy. 3) The needs for support of the revitalization of Haiti is an ongoing effort that will require years of activity. 4) No amount of money donated to such organizations is too small, no amount of time volunteered is to little. As such  we along (with the Purpose Music Group) decided to have the proceeds for this recording benefit five key charitible organizations that are working diligently to improve our world. 1) Baptist Mission Haiti (in Port Au Prince) 2) Boys and Girls Club of Hempstead, New York 3) Watchful Eye of Brooklyn, New York 4) Habitat for Humanity Dekalb County, Georgia 5) Dr Bob Lee’s Make The Grade Foundation (New York, New York) We are very appreciative of those who join with us to help make this world a better place.  We also hope that if you don’t join with us here you do something, somewhere and “Be A Humanitarian” Regards, Kevin Harewood Your Entertainment Agency/EDclectic Entertainment New York, New York Kevin Harewood-Edclectic Entertainment

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Be A Humanitarian

“Be A Humanitarian” Official Release Today!
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Hey Everyone.   Many of you may know that over the past months, I have been working on a very important project. It is a song entitled “Be A Humanitarian” written by Ricky Derose, composed and produced by yours truly. Initially this song was created to raise funds for the people suffering still in Haiti. It has since grown to become a call to all for a new movement in humanitarianism worldwide.
Today is the official release date for the single “Be A Humanitarian” through Purpose Records, one of NYC’s top Indie Labels, featuring many of the biggest names in Indie Soul, Jazz and World Music based in the New York area such as Abby Dobson, Darien, Shae Fiol, Angela Johnson, Eric Roberson, Mahasin, Kelli Sae, Ricky Derose, Viviane Rangon, Honey Larochelle, Marlon Saunders, Maritri, Shelly Nicole (of Blackbushe), Chandlar, Gordon Chambers, Monet, Maya Azucena, Chester Gregory and of course myself. All of these wonderfully gifted people dedicated their time and talent in order to give back to the people in Haiti and others throughout the world.   Please join us in this quest! You can help make a difference.

Go to ITunes and purchase “Be A Humanitarian” for 99 cents.   100% of each purchase goes to the following Charities:

Baptist Haitian Mission
Habitat For Humanity Dekalb County, GA
Watchful Eye
Brooklyn Teen Challenge
Dr Bob Lee’s Make The Grade Foundation

Please lend a helping hand wherever you are, and please let others know to do the same.
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May God Bless you,
-Steve Wallace

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