Sista With Tha Dreadz

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“Sista With Tha Dreadz”
By Ricardo Derose


Damn that girl is incredible
She must be from a Holy Island or something
Cause she looks so angelic
I gotta find the right away
Find the right words
Talk to her, and have her
Here she comes; here I go


I see you walking down the street
Like there’s music guiding your feet
But baby girl you look so sweet
I must admit, I can’t resist
That’s why I had to come to you
And talk to you, to find out what you are up to
I’ve struggled to turn away my sight
But you’re so fine, I’ve lost the fight


You know you attract me
You magnetized me
So do you think I stand a chance with you?

My pretty sister with the dreads.
And you’re such a cutie
And girl you are so sexy
Just tell me what to do to be with you

My pretty sister with the dreads


Your beauty is so natural
Your hair pure like wool
Just make me lose control
The way you look at me and smile
Is just enough to drive me wild
Now share with me your secret
How do you manage, to be so perfect?
Now tell me are you working out?
Cause you’re sexy self, just knock me out


You have the allure of an Empress
and the beauty of a Goddess
in one word; you are Divine
I just can’t wait to make you mine

Ft. Mistik:

Yo, yo . . .
pretty pretty sisthren with the dreadz locks
like the way your hall falls down to your Botox
And the way it sway side to side when you walk
Girl I want to know you better
pretty pretty sisthren with the dreadz locks
I’m just kind of captivating, girl can we talk
yeah, and I really want to show you
so many things that I wanna do baby
so c’mon, c’mon come my way
baby girl yes you drive me crazy
Empress you got me going wild
and I’m really digging your natural style
So gimme gimme love and I’ll give it back
I give you lots of love cuz I want it back
all because I say . . . you’re my sisthren
Pretty sisthren with that dreadz


and girl you’re so God damn sexy

Ft. Steve Wallace

You’re so sexy baby
And you drive me crazy
tell me what to do to be with you (2x)