Be A Humanitarian

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“Be A Humanitarian”
By Ricardo Derose

1st Verses:

It all happens so fast they didn’t have a chance

To go and say goodbye to their loved ones or friends

So many people die, leaving the rest hopeless

With no water, no food and most of them homeless

As children of the earth, it’s time to show kindness

Help your brothers in need, is showing human-ness

Donating what you can, can never be senseless

At this stage all is useful, even a few cents.

1st Bridge:

Our fathers are missing

Our mothers are grieving

Brothers, sisters are orphans

We are part of the same world so let’s please give them a chance

Look at all of them starving

Lend a hand before it’s too late

We can help them make it

We just have to unite and we can free them overnight


No matter how small you donate

The lives of thousands you will save

Together we can make a difference

Be a humanitarian

Help your brother who needs a hand

Look at those children dying

Listen to their mothers crying

Together we can make a difference

Be a humanitarian

Help your Brethren

2nd Verses:

It’s sad, but true to know that life is so fragile

The way that death hits us sometimes is so hostile

Today’s their turn; tomorrow might be yours or mine

And no one knows who’s gonna be the next in line

As long as you alive my friend don’t stop giving

Help the less fortunate is showing you’re caring

Give them the light of hope, to help them heal their pain

United we should stand and give the best we can