Derose Entertainment

Is an independent record label and publishing company operating out of New York State. We are specialized in Music Productions, Music Recordings, Sound Engineering, Songwriting Developments and Post Production.

Songwriting Consultant

We offer Songwriting and Co-writing services. I love to write and co-write songs, in all genres. If you are new in songwriting, or you have original, astonishing ideas that you would love to hear come to life entrusting in us will help you do so.

We work with either clients that need lyrics for their music production ideas or clients who just have a song idea and need lyrics for said ideas.

We write original songs for movies/TV shows/special projects. Just tell us what you are looking for and you will be happy with the musical outcome.

Even better, if you are a Poet and have been writing poems and would like to turn them into songs, no problem! We would be delighted to help. Let us help you take your ideas and transform it into a finished and complete song with melody & music.

We provide songwriting services in four different languages; English, French, Spanish and Creole. We have also produced in many different genres: R&B, Soul, Pop, Latin, Compas, Zouk, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, World and Alternative.

We guarantee that we will not stop the process, till our customers are extremely happy and are satisfied with the results.


We help with the registration of your final product with the Library of Congress. Since Derose Entertainment is as well a Publishing company, we help our clients to get their work published or assist them in the process of joining any publishing companies of their choice. We work with them on how to protect their creative works and provide an overview of the business mechanisms that can affect the use of their songs. We help them understand concepts like royalties and songwriter’s contracts.

Business Consultant Services

We help your business find the best way to go about complex, real-world business issues related to the entertainment industry. We analyze the matters, assess potential action steps, and develop strategic plans to address them. Through this process, we evaluate the management, marketing, financial, legal, and ethical decisions that affect the client business decisions.

Marketing Services

The success of your business depends on way more than just the quality of the music or your products. Let us guide you on how to market your music and products. Let us show you how great advertising, merchandising, public relations, and branding all play a crucial role in the success of your business. We provide to our clients general marketing concepts as they relate to the nuances of the entertainment business field or businesses in general. We create strategic plans in the selection and development of media products, and help them with entertainment licensing and promotional avenues, such as trade shows, trade publications, and the Internet. We help our customers to identify their market and the best way to go about promoting their products through analysis.

Record Label Development

We assist our clients with a desire to create a record label and taking the steps necessary to accomplish that goal. We support them and familiarize them with the various departments within both major and independent record labels and learn the role that each plays in its success. We examine all departments ranging from A&R to Business Affairs.

  • The Role of A&R
  • Art Department
  • Business Affairs
  • Legal Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Promotions Department
  • Publicity
  • Sales

Events Management Services

If you have an event coming up, big or small, and would like for the entertainment part to be handled by professionals, then Derose Entertainment is the right company to assure the success of your events. Our events management services cover: microphone installations, DJ’s and live band performances for your guests’ entertainment. We provide and install all the equipment needed for the sound system success of your events. We love to meet up prior with the clients or organizers to determine what will be the best and most appropriate entertainment to provide, according to the expected audience. Then we create an event concept, and develop a project management plan for the success of your events.

Music Productions, Post Productions and Engineering

Derose Entertainment works with the most knowledgeable music producers and engineers to guarantee the accomplishment of your musical project. Our professionals are aware of the core concepts such as digital signal processing and digital audio recording as we use industry-standard software such as Pro Tools and Logic to record your musical projects. You’ll also learn about audio workstation hardware and software, as well as mastering the techniques and procedures that are required to maximize the quality of our projects. All our professionals are well enlightened by audio file management and documentation, to ensure the organization of your audio files and recording sessions to enable the recording process to run smoothly and efficiently. We work with most budgets and our fulfillment is to keep our customers satisfied. We offer from basic DAW’s musical production projects to full band production projects.