The Making Of An Artist

Since age 3, Ricky would sing to his mother with closed eyes in an intense and engaging performance. Ricky was about 5 years old when his sister, Michele, noticed his love of music. She began teaching him the lyrics to songs he enjoyed. “My sister Michele is incontestably responsible for my musical orientation,” says Ricky. By the time Ricky turned 7, he was writing poetry dedicated to the first love of his life, his mother. He began expanding his musical talents around age 11 and explored the realms of rap. Ricky tested his skills in Hip-Hop in his neighborhood and at school. He would use rhymes to mock a classmate or a teacher. “It got so good that my classmates paid me to rap about others,” boasts Ricky. At age 12, he wrote his first full rap song entitled “Mama;” he was ready and at the time began taking music lessons. The recorder is the first instrument that Ricky learned to play.

The Deep Aspirations of an Artist

Ricky Derose tends to be sensitive toward social events that surround his walk on this Earth, therefore rendering him a very conscientious and concerned writer. In his dedication to justice, peace, love, and unity, Ricky earned the respect and credibility of his opponents while evolving as a young man in the rough streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. “The King” was a label given to him in his neighborhood and streets of Haiti and from there came his artist name of the 90’s, “King ‘D’ Ricks”.

Some of the titles written and soon to figure on his releases are: Silencio Es El Sida, Ayiti Pou Ayisyen, Nations Stand As One, Protégé-Toi Du Sida, Racial Discrimination, Sida San Parey, Children Of The World, Wrap It Up, Nou San Moral, Aids Is Silent, Earthan Pro-Life and many more. Ricky is fluent in four different languages. This lyrical versatility allows him to write music capable of captivating the world music scene and crossing over unto other music markets.

The Road to a Professional Career

Ricky began performing on stage at the age of 13. He was influenced by many musical genres. Exposure to these genres over the ensuing years have provided a musical road map and backbone to Ricky.  These influences helped shape Ricky’s musical style that offers a distinct melodic and lyrical style. The musical experience is exceptional and is proof that Ricky’s signature sound is an expression of the artist’s deeper sentiments.

On the road to stardom, Ricky has crossed paths with many prominent artists and entertainers in both Haitian and American music scenes. In the mid-90’s, Ricky became the secretary general in chief of one of the group that pioneered the Haitian Rap Movement in Haiti, The Rassemblement Des Fans Du Rap Creole (R. F. R. C). This endeavor gave him the opportunity to experience some of the administrative and business aspects of the entertainment world by allowing him to organize shows and rallies, encouraging student committees to support young and upcoming rap artists. All of this led to his appointment by the C. E. P (Conseil Electoral Provisoir) in 1995, to write and perform a song to help encourage the youth of Haiti to go to the voting poles.

The Blossoming Entertainer

In October 2004, Ricky had released his single Ayiti Pou Ayisyen, encouraging Haitians to join the movement of peace, love, and unity to save their motherland, Haiti. A few artists and musicians including Mistik, Branley Midouin, Cindy Midouin, and Stephan Alexandre joined Ricky in this project.

In November 28, 2009, his extended Play (EP) CD Prevention, Intervention (HIV/Aids), dedicated to the Aids cause, was released, in his plight to educate the world about the pandemic. The CD is available in English, Spanish, French, and Creole. Several of the featured artists involved in the project include Mistik, Steve Wallace, Delilah Tollinci, Phase One, Branley Midouin, Zshea Caze, and Cindy Midouin. Fifty percent of the proceeds are pledged to several organizations dedicated to the same cause.

In January 2010, Ricky Derose penned, Be a Humanitarian. The single has written to express his profound compassion to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Over 200,000 lives were lost in Ricky’s hometown of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The rest of the nation was left without water, food, and the majority is still homeless today. Ricky collaborated with his producer Steve Wallace, an unshakable musical ally, who has dedicated his all to see the project to its completion. Many talented artists such as NY Soul All-Stars, who have lent their voices to the people of Haiti and the people of the world during tragic times, have blessed the project.

Ricky asks fans and supporters of the cause to continue spreading the word and supporting the project. All of the proceeds are dedicated to many humanitarian organizations.

Ricky is currently in the process of finishing his fourth project and looking forward to the upcoming release to the general public.

Ricky Derose, writer, artist, spiritually and socially concerned citizen of the world is the personification of the magic that can be made when a humanitarian’s determination is unleashed through superb creative expression.